Thursday, 30 September 2010

In The Post!

I can't believe it's the end of the month! Well done to everyone who has taken part, some FAN-TAS-TIC ATCs from you all, and I'm so keen to get them to you (esp Dawn who's off on holiday on Saturday!) that I've managed to get them out in today's post!
Just to put everyone out of their misery, Dawn was spot-on with her Black Beauty guess, so well done Dawn, look out for the little extra in your envie (and you too Ann!) And here they are in their full glory!


And for anyone who wants to see the rest, they are coming up now....(for those who'd prefer a surprise from the postie, look away now!!)








I do hope everyone is pleased with their returns, and I look forward to seeing you again next month. I will post the theme for October tomorrow :)

Big Smiles from Ali x


  1. Wowsers they're all fab!!! I do hope they get here in time!!!Thans for getting them off so swiftly!!!
    Big hugs
    Dawn xxx

  2. Ali Thank you, and your lovely followers so much - I received my returns today - and they are all wonderful.

    Thanks to Ali for the lovely RAK (boom boom lol) and Betty Boop

    Dawn for Bart Simpson (need to put that away before it gets acquired by the younger members of this household)

    Kris for Calamity Jane - one of my all time fav old films :D

    and Roz for The Movies - absolutely gorgeous.

    Thank you all so much, and special thanks to you Ali for a wonderful swap.

  3. Received mine this morning too, it's like Christmas!
    Big Thanks to Kris for Movie Night Waterfall Stepper(your dexterity amazes me!), to Deb for Marilyn, to Jean for Beauty,and 3 times to Ali, firstly for organising the whole thing, secondly for Tom & Jerry and thirdly for the X Factor Rak!
    Can't wait to get cracking on the new ones for this month

  4. Yikes! Just realised I've not posted my thanks.....sorry folks, I'll get onto that right away!